Pastor’s Information

“Thanks to our participation in Men at the Cross our church has become a true discipling church.” Jim, Houston

Dear Pastor,

We long for every participating church to be filled with radically committed men serving Christ, family, church, and the workplace. Men at the Cross provides the tools to equip men to become disciple makers for a lifetime. We believe that by the grace of God and through His power we can engage with your church to ignite a passion inside the hearts of men within your congregation to be the leaders they were designed to be.

If man to man discipleship reached the world in the First Century, man to man discipleship can reach the world in the 21st Century! Our goal is to return men to your church pews who are “players” and no longer “spectators” in the Great Commission. I’d love to see you and a bus load of your men at one of our events! We’d love to give you a free ticket and prayerfully serve you and the mission of your church.

Your brother in Christ,
Joe White

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Here’s what other pastors are saying:

“I just wanted to let you know that I am so excited about what God is doing in the life of the Church that I pastor. We have started the Barnabas Project and had 16 guys show for the first meeting and what is more exciting is that they began to talk about God growing them into true men of God. We have had men’s Bible Studies in the past but never have we had this kind of impact. These guys are seeking the “Timothy’s” and are excited about it. Thank you for all you do! God is good all the Time!!!!” – Pastor Jason

“I have been blown away by what God has been doing in the hearts of the men at our church. Since the challenge at Men at the Cross to disciple, every Sunday, and I am not kidding, I meet some guy telling me that they have teamed up with so and so. I am amazed we have teenage boys meeting with men, we have guys in their late 70′s meeting with young men and men in their 70″s too. Men who didn’t even go with us to Men at the Cross!”- Rocky

“It is almost (unbelievable), but just like GOD, the way things are progressing. We have already had 2 meetings of Pauls on Monday mornings. On Sunday all of our men shared the 1 most significant thing we took away from MEN AT THE CROSS, at the beginning of our church service. It supercharged our church service and recommitted the men. I was in awe when we had 19 MEN (PAULS) show up for our Meeting of the Pauls. I can hardly wait to see what GOD has in store for us. The Barnabas Project is great. Add to it Prayer and 20 dedicated men interacting and answering your questions and it is earth shattering. Thank you for allowing God to work thru you.”- Bill (Raleigh)

“The first meeting went very well. We had 13 attendees, which is a big class for our church. We are praying to transform pew sitters into men actively seeking God’s will with the talent they have.” – Ken (W. Monroe)