One2Won Cross Training

The One2Won Cross Training Discipleship Resource was written by Dr. Joe White, President and Founder of Men at the Cross and President of Kanakuk Kamps. It is jam packed with 24 weeks worth of an in-depth study of God’s word along with helpful application and discussion points. In One2Won, Joe shares from personal experience and encounters with Christ throughout his life and passionately encourages each man along in his own journey.


Discipleship Book Two! – A Second Six Months with Your Timothy?  Download your FREE copy of the NEW One2Won Book 2!

To purchase two hard copies of the One 2 Won book 1 or One 2 Won book 2, please send $12 to Project Timothy, Attention Mark Lander, at 1353 Lake Shore Dr. Branson, MO 65616. This includes the shipping and handling and we will mail you 2 books plus 2 of the Paul-Timothy Coins!

“Last Christmas, my three sons and I committed ourselves to going thru the 24 week One2Won..each of us had a present under the tree—the lesson book that you provided.. …one son, married in Tennessee, one son a senior at Baylor, one son a high schooler. Each week one of us leads a lesson and we use email..the rest of us all reply with our thoughts and prayers and praises..I was not sure it would work… but it did work…what an incredible blessing…to see the incredible god-led inspiring words on the emails that we all receive from each other each week! I am keeping these lessons and emails as a testimony to god’s incredible love and blessing that we are getting thru the study…I can’t wait to give the lesson comments to their sons and daughters someday soon!! In God’s power, they are going to make incredible dads someday soon!! These guys are not just my sons..they are my brothers in Christ. After we finish the study series each of us is going to find a timothy and start all over… I have chain links that I got from your cross presentation. I have my link, and attached to my link is one link for each of my sons. when they choose a timothy and start a new lap around the track I am going to put a link on each of their links…and so on and so on…HOW LONG DO YOU THINK THE CHAIN WILL BECOME IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS!! GOD IS GOOD…thank you for this program….lets all commit to keep the ball rolling!!! God is blessing every day…” - Rick

“I had just returned from Afghanistan one week before the Houston event, and already had conviction to “circle the wagons” in my home, by being a more consistent priest, pastor and king in my home. The MATC event was timed perfect for me. I took a younger man with me and he told me at the event that he already sees me as his spiritual Papa so I am doing the One2Won with him. Also 2 of my 3 boys have agreed to do it with me as well as my new son-in-law. I’m praying for my oldest son “Lee” to respond to me and do it with me as well. God spoke to me at the event to give my time to as many men that would respond and want to do this with me. I am on week 1 with my sons, week 2 with my friend and week 3 with my son-in-law. I have found that this is very effective 1-to-1, and the Holy Ghost has showed up for every session. Since then my Pastor asked me to go to the Barnabas training with him, and we are planning to use the program in our men’s group to find out how many Pauls we have in the church. I am really excited about this program and what God will do through this.” – Wayne, Houston