Barnabas Training

“The Barnabas Project”
A 24 Week DVD Series
to Train Disciplemakers in Your Church

This exciting resource is our gift to every participating MATC Church to train the “Pauls” in your church to become effective disciplemakers for a lifetime. With Tony Evans, Max Lucado, Rick Rigsby, Steve Farrar, Joe White and others, your men will be getting trained by some of the best in the discipleship arena.

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Barnabas ProjectSession Outline

Session 1 – “Qualified By God” with Joe White and Max Lucado

Session 2 – “Fishing for Men” with Joe White

Session 3 – “God Looks for the Heart” with Michael W. Smith

Session 4 – “Man After God’s Own Heart” with Todd Wagner

Session 5 – “A Heart That’s Willing” with Joe White

Session 6 - “Making Disciplemakers” with Crawford Loritts

Session 7 - “The Strategy of Multiplication” with Todd Wagner

Session 8 – ” Shepherd the Flock” with Tony Evans

Session 9- “Serving to Lead” with Neal Jeffrey

Session 10 - ” The Gift of Listening Well” with Gary Smalley

Session 11 - “Crucified with Christ” with Joe White

Session 12 – “Discipleship Skills” with Steve Farrar

Session 13 – ” Integrity of Heart” with Joe White

Session 14 – “Compassionate Leaders” with Neal Jeffrey

Session 15- “Above Reproach” with Dana Thomas

Session 16- “Salt and Light” with Marvin Daniels

Session 17- “A Leaders Credibility” with Rick Rigsby

Session 18- “Leading with Fortitude” with Steve Farrar

Session 19 -”Prayers that Lead to Peace and Courage” with Tony Evans

Session 20- ” Leading with Prayer” with Rick Rigsby

Session 21- “The Bible Says” with Chuck Swindoll, Bishop Wellington Boone and Joe White

Session 22- “Stepping Out on Faith” with Joe White

Session 23- “Leading By God’s Absolute Truth” with Gary Smalley

Session 24- “Crowns and Eternal Rewards” with Joe White