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Tired of Sitting on the Bench?

The high school football team I coached was mediocre at best. We trained hard, we played hard, we had fun, in fact we did most everything a team is supposed to do … except win.

Every Friday night we got killed.
38-0. 36-6. 45-14. it was awful. But, we kept having fun anyway.

We had this one sophomore named Robert who didn’t know “sic ‘em” about the game of football. He was young, slow and inexperienced, but he had a huge heart for the game and man, how he wanted to get on the field on Friday night!

One Friday, we were playing a rural school named Bolivar and again we were getting routed. On one play I’ll never forget, the Bolivar running back was streaking down the sideline right in front of our bench with the ball in his hand scampering wildly towards the goal line 10 yards ahead of our fastest pursuing defender.

Suddenly from out of nowhere a flash of red shot past me onto the field, completely leveling the kid with the ball! As fast as the flash entered the field dished out his punishing tackle, he exited the field to stand innocently by his teammates on the sideline. It all happened so fast, the referees didn’t even see it.

The opposing coach went crazy. He was livid, as well he should have been. Robert, was so sick of standing on the sideline watching other guys play and get trampled by the enemy, he decided to jump off the bench and smear the guy carrying the ball. It was over 20 years ago and I’m still laughing..

Everybody wants to play. Nobody wants to sit on the bench!!

God wants players too. Men who allow Christ to purify their hearts and stay pure by living clean for Jesus get to play in the greatest, most competitive, most exciting game ever! …. the game for eternity and men and women’s souls.

When a coach has you to play for him … when those influential eyes look down the sideline at you and that deep, welcoming voice says, “I need you, son … come play for me.” you’d run through a brick wall to play for the guy! You can learn a lot about God on a football field! The best of all coaches has invited you to be on His starting team. You better hurry onto the field. The game is almost over!

Joe White, President

Men at the Cross