Don Beebe

A Nine year veteran wide-receiver for the NFL and was the first NFL player to play for six Super Bowl teams. Don’s career covered teams like the Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers. Beebe was noted as being an instrumental role in helping the 1996-1997 Green Bay Packers achieve the World Championship. Brett Favre was quoted as saying, “We would have never won Super Bowl XXXI without Don Beebe.”

Don is remembered mostly by his never give up philosophy after chasing down Leon Lett in Super Bowl XXVII after a near full field length race to the end zone, forcing a goal line fumble. This play was noted by ESPN as the Play of the Year in 1993 and Don was awarded the first ever ESPY Award for this.

After his retirement from the NFL, Don has been offered numerous coaching roles with collegiate and NFL teams. Don made the decision to open a sports franchise, “House of Speed” that works with professional and young athletes to increase their speed and athletic talents. Even though the offers for professional coaching were available to Don, this devout Christian man now dedicates his time coaching a small Christian high school “Aurora Christian School” in Aurora, IL. His faith led him to this decision and has turned around this small schools football program to un-defeated seasons and state final appearance. Beebe continues to be a great Christian role model and mentor to his players and all the athletes and young men that he blesses with his talents. He’s instilled the mentality in his players that Christians can indeed be tough by referring to another NFL great -– the late Reggie White, who was Beebe’s teammate in Green Bay and an ordained minister. You’re not playing for yourself,” Beebe said. “You’re playing for God, who gave you this talent. You should glorify Him.”

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