Phil Stacey

Phil Stacey is a Husband. . . Father. . . Military Man . . .Music Minister. . . Recording Artist. . . Those words immediately evoke images of strength, character and integrity — and they paint a perfect picture of Phil Stacey. One of the Top 5 finalists on season six of American Idol, Stacey’s powerful voice caught the attention of more than 30 million television viewers each week, and it’s that musical gift combined with his passionate heart for God that fuels every moment of his Reunion Records debut Into the Light.

Stacey has the rare ability to truly inhabit a song, delivering the lyric with an intensity that brings the message to life, and he does just that throughout each track on Into the Light. A “singer’s singer,” Stacey knew from an early age he wanted to use his voice in ministry. “I’ve always wanted to sing Christian music and I almost signed with a label when I graduated from college, but God had a plan for me, and God is anything but predictable,” Stacey says. “There were times along the journey when I was wondering where in the world God was taking me. Now I see why he took me through all the turns and I’m so grateful that he did.”

For Stacey, ministry is a family tradition. “Both of my grandfathers were pastors and my father is a pastor; not only were they pastors, they were incredible Christians, great examples of integrity,” Stacey says. “They weren’t religious people, they were relationship people. They had a great relationship with Jesus. I saw that and I wanted that in my life. I got saved when I was very young.”

Phil grew up singing in church and later attended Lee University in Cleveland, TN where he became part of the highly acclaimed Lee Singers. “The Lee Singers were famous to me,” says Stacey, who remembers how he felt when he first found out he’d made the cut. “I was shocked. I thought, ‘I’d better register for classes!’ I took out loans and went to college basically to be in the choir.”

With the voice of an angel and the heart of a servant, Phil Stacey has a clear vision for where God has placed him in this season. “To me, what I feel is a sense of urgency to be of service to the church,” he says. “I think that as a recording artist and as a member of the body of Christ, there’s nothing that I could do that’s more powerful and more awesome than just being a part of what the local church is already doing to reach their community for Jesus Christ and I keep that in my vision. I feel like that’s what I want to do. I want to serve the local church and be a part of what they are doing. Whatever comes along with that, I praise God for it, but I don’t feel any particular pressure to release the greatest musical project in history, I just want to do what God has put me on this earth to do.”

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