Pastor Bill Hackworth

Pastor Bill Hackworth has been leading worship for more than 32 years now. He is the founding Pastor of New Beginnings Church located on the west side of Jacksonville Fl. He is the son of Pastor William & (late) Betty Hackworth of Elkhart In. Pastor Bill is not just a recording artist but very much so a family man. Married for 24 years with a son and daughter who loves and works for the kingdom of God. Pastor Bill has traveled and led worship for Josh Mc Dowel ministries, Champions for Christ ministries who ministers to college and professional athletes. Pastor Bill has appeared on T.B.N., traveled around the United States and countries like Poland and Africa hosting workshops for choirs and music Groups. He is well versed and Diverse in styles and abilities. There is not a church to small or to big for him to share his gifting with. Pastor Bill Hackworth is anointed by God to lead us into His presence.

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