Nasa Sete

Nasa Sete was born and raised in Hawai’i, he grew up in a religious home, yet wasn’t religious himself. As far as talent, the musical roots run throughout his family. Nasa has always loved rap music. Though he never wrote any raps of his own, he could regurgitate almost all the lyrics of the most popular rap artists. But when God saved his life in 2003, it was never the same with music. He was consumed with God and living for Him in every area of his life, including music. It wasn’t until after he was saved he discovered that he had the God-given gift of rap. Once this was revealed to him, he’s been writing lyrics for Jesus ever since. He turned professional in July 2009 and released his first CD in September of 2011. His end goal with music is to glorify God to the ends of the earth. Check out Nasa’s work at

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