Our History

After thirty years of men’s ministry and speaking to hundreds of thousands of men world-wide, Joe White has a gigantic heart for men, a heart for evangelism and a heart for discipleship through men empowering men. He believes in the philosophy of loving a man to Jesus until he is ready to love another man to Jesus. It would take ten years to reach our world if each man would spend six months with another man to equip him to equip another and another and another until the world has known the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Joe also has a huge heart for city evangelism, service, missions, college kids, and most of all, his family. In 1978 the Lord gave Joe a vision to work with inner-city kids. That ministry (Kids Across America) reaches 7,000 inner-city kids each summer and 900 urban leaders from 31 states and 571 cities across the country.

Seven years ago Joe and his good friend, Mark Kielar, also began a foundation called Cross International under the leadership of Jim Cavnar. Cross International has expanded into 27 countries working with 250 different ministries and touching over a million lives that are suffering in poverty. Joe specifically has a heart for the poorest country in the world, Haiti. Through his efforts and the staff of Cross International, the ministry in Haiti offers a feeding program and education for 17 schools and 1 orphanage supporting 168 teachers and over 6,000 children.

Igniting a new generation of committed Christian leaders to lead our nation tomorrow is the passion of Joe’s seven year old quest, “After Dark.” This ministry of campus evangelism travels to thirty university campuses annually where he seeks to lead one million radically transformed students to the cross where they will commit themselves to a lifetime of Christian leadership.

Joe is the father of four and grandfather of seven and is more in love with his wife of 35 years, Debbie Jo, than ever before. His family is his greatest ministry and joy on earth. He consistently strives to follow the husband’s call in Ephesians 5:25, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her.”

Out of his heart for family, evangelism, and service grew the vision for Men at the Cross. Through long term friendships with Michael W. Smith, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Tony Evans, Max Lucado and multi-decade friendships with the faculty of Men at the Cross this new men’s ministry was born. After thirty years of men’s events, he’s developed relationships with men around the country, regional leaders and pastors that have shown great excitement and need for the men’s ministry…

“I have been contacting several men each day and introducing them to and updating them on MATC. The men are so eager and hungry for this. Many of the men had become discouraged, including myself. This is a fresh breath of air. All are shouting when I tell them what is up. Many break down and weep. God has to be in this!” – Regional Leader in North Carolina.

” In the famous words of Pastor Sipe, “Oh Baby”! With the endorsement of the church alliance and promotion from the pulpits . . . how many buses will you allow us to bring? I’ll buy new running shoes so I have lots of fresh tread to use up in getting the word out. I’m doing a little happy dance here in my desk chair just thinking about the ripple effect of that stone thrown in the pond.” – Ministry Leader in Iowa.

Joe is in awe of God’s goodness and blessings as Men at the Cross is expanding and becoming a powerful men’s movement for the glory of Christ! He is exceedingly grateful for each person that is bringing his heart and abilities to team up with him to further the Kingdom!